ISAR (Infrared Sea Surface Temperature Autonomous Radiometer)

Last Edit: 2010-12-02
R. Michael Reynolds

M/V Atlantic Companion: Descriptions of the container ship Atlantic Companion and the ISAR installation.

NOPP Proposal: The proposal to NOPP for an ISAR VOS program.

JTECH Description: Donlon et al., description of the ISAR instrument.

Program ISARAVG: Theory and description of the ISAR real-time averaging program ISARAVG.

Sea Surface Science Team Meeting, 11/2010 Abstract: Abstract for a poster presentation made at the annual SST meeting. Our poster reviewed our activities on volunteer observing ships over the past eight years.

SST Science Team Meeting, Poster: The full (0.9 x 1.2 m) poster. 4.4 MB pdf.