Global energy Budget

Shortwave and Longwave irradiance.

Long-term average energy fluxes

Required accuracies.

radcal_212_1105 RAD for the R/V Bigelow. Abscissa is the sensor output and ordinate is the irriaiance in W/m^2. Note the range of PIR output (bottom left) is on the order of 10 microvolts.

RAD circuit board.

The microcontroller is based on the AVR microchip, a very popular and versatile microcomputer. The above circuit board features preamplifies, 12-bit ADC, two com ports, digital control lines and power regulation. The AVR programs in floating-point C. It operates on flea power and has watchdog timers and a real-time clock.

Rad circuit board in its box.

Mounting plate and bracket for the radiometers.

RAD interconnections.

Typical RAD data from SCS.

Optional mounting hardware.

R/V Pisces.

DOE ARM Portable Radiation System (PRP).

Around the Americas (AtA) met package.

AtA met system installed. A shot of Paul LaRussa in the bosun's chair as the crane moves away.

RAD on Ka'imimoana From Charlie Weintraub Chief ET NOAAS Ka'imimoana

R/V Bigelow