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RAD -- Radiometer Analog-to-Digital Interface

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Edit: 2014 11 09

A new design for mounting broadband radiometers in a remote location, such as atop a shipÕs mast, is being developed.
  • Electronic uncertainty < 0.2 W/m^2, <0.03 degC
  • Low power, low noise.
  • Standard NMEA output.
  • User menu to change calibration coefs.
  • Floating-point C programmable.
  • Calibration equations imbedded.
  • RS232 or RS422

RAD Photo Album

Manual v9 (Software v17c) (pdf 6.7 MB)

Elementary Primer on the RAD

Different Models and Options

RAD-20, three connector, part list.

RAD installation on the R/V Okeanos Explorer in Feb 2008.

RAD installation of the upgraded system on the R/V Pisces in Jan 2010. More...